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Hampden can enable you to free your locked up capital by taking over all your insurance risks.

When an insurance portfolio goes into run-off for strategic, IT and/or cost reasons, additional capital needs to be maintained. This often blocks developing new commercial activities.

Due to Solvency II requirements, your balance sheet has likely been changed and your capital is probably locked up by regulation, in claims and/or liabilities.

As an insurer we understand like no other your needs by helping to free your locked up capital for other activities so you do not have to be confronted with high cost of attracting capital. We can help to free or lower the lock up capital in run-off portfolios by taking over these portfolios as a whole or a part.

A serious option worth considering. Together we could discuss the possibilities appropriate to your financial environment. 

Our Products & Services

Finality Solutions

A (re)insurance enterprise can be terminated when all past and future liabilities regarding a (dis)continued portfolio have been transferred to Hampden. This can be done by a share transaction and/or portfolio transfer.

In case of a share transaction the entity will be acquired by Hampden and the locked up capital will be released via the selling price. The insurer is in most of the cases already in run-off but this could also part of the transaction.

In case of a run-off portfolio transfer the locked up capital can be reduced to the extent of that specific portfolio after the transfer to Hampden.

Hampden is experienced in all types of finality solutions and offers a tailor-made approach for every client. We are interested in purchasing non-life companies and/or portfolios of any kind.

More Examples of Finality Solutions

Commutation  -  A reinsured and the reinsurer agrees to cancel one or a group of reinsurance contracts between them for a consideration. 

Policy Buy-back  -  Similar to a commutation between a direct policyholder and the insurer.

Policy Exhaustion  -  When a maximum aggregated limit for all claims under a policy has been reached. We can help define an exit/commutation strategy with your counter partner in order to come to a satisfactorily solution for all parties.

Schemes of Arrangement  -  According to the legislation of the country where the portfolio of the entity is domiciled, the court may sanction the process to settle all claims for a defined portfolio of (re)insurance. This can be for example a so-called Part 7 transfer in the UK.

Hampden has successfully commuted liabilities with a large number of counterparties on behalf of third party clients and also on behalf of our own entities. We can help formulate a commutation and/or exit strategy, setting targets for the individual transactions, analysing the underlying exposures and contracts, research the accounting position and finally negotiate a settlement with the relevant counterparty.

Legal consequences All these possibilities have legal and regulatory consequences and complications. We can assist you with these matters to make the operation a success.

International Portfolio Transfers

Within the EU it is possible to transfer insurance portfolios from one insurer to another thanks to the so-called European passport. Such a transfer will be recognised throughout the EU without the need for any further filings or procedures, and is relatively simple to perform. It has the effect of legally changing the identity of the risk carrier in the same way as a novation, but without requiring the consent of each individual policyholder/creditor in most cases.

The most relevant criterium from risk management and regulatory perspective is that Hampden should have enough capital available to accept a portfolio transfer. An actuarial analysis of the portfolio in transfer and a due diligence will therefore be performed. To realise a successful transition a well tried acquisition procedure will be followed. We have gained profound knowledge and experience over the last decades to be able to complete these transfers to the satisfaction of the involved parties. Important to notice that the legal effects following a portfolio transfer can differ between jurisdictions outside the EU.

Portfolio Management

Maybe you do not want to transfer a portfolio but (temporarily) outsource your current activities regarding a specific portfolio in run-off. Hampden has the knowledge and experience to handle these portfolios on your behalf even if not all policies are already cancelled.

Reinsurance & Recoveries

Outstanding reinsurance receivables will very often constitute a significant part of the assets covering the obligations for a portfolio/company in run-off. More often those will also involve reinsurers who are no longer active or are unwilling to settle claims with a run-off counterparty anywhere in the world. The same applies for recovery. When claims have been paid a recourse action should be part of the claims process. Unfortunately this is not always the case due to understaffing and/or (outdated) IT. We work closely with specialists around the world so we can help you with all recoveries to support your capital.

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