Hampden & The Netherlands

Our company's name is linked to Hampden House, located in the English countryside between London and Oxford.

Tim Oliver, the founder of our company is the owner of Hampden House and the surrounding estate. He named his company at the founding after the house. The estate has a fascinating history dating back to the 14th century. It even has a connection to the Royal Family of the Netherlands. 

In 1620, John Hampden lived at Hampden House and worked as a parliamentarian. He was a Protestant, unlike the at that time ruling Catholic King Charles I, who wanted to be an absolute ruler. When the king tried to implement a ship tax without consultation from parliament, John Hampden protested and was arrested at Hampden House. Soon after, the 1st Civil War broke out and John Hampden led a regiment against the monarch until his death in 1643.

Forty six years later, the Protestant Parliament was again in conflict with the monarch. The Dutch Willem III of Orange sailed from the Netherlands to help his fellow Protestants and in 1689 became ruler of England, Scotland and Ireland. He appointed Richard Hampden, son of John Hampden, as Chancellor of the Treasury.  Together they established the Bank of England, the first national bank in the world.