Our Organization

We are specialized in the taking over of (re)insurance portfolios and (re)insurance companies in run-off. Besides that we can support you with other manners of ending (re)insurance portfolios and managing portfolios that do not have current underwriting anymore. At this moment we own several portfolios and insurance companies with and without a license of The Dutch National Bank. 

Hampden Netherlands is part of the Hampden Group in London. Hampden has managed run-off portfolios of more than 50 (re)insurance companies, several complex pool constructions and over 350 Lloyd's syndicates since the 1970s. Our focus is European insurance companies with risks all over the world of non-EU insurers with portfolios in the EU. We perform our services the European from offices in the UK and The Netherlands, employing more than 170 people.

Hampden UK has several subsidiaries such as Hampden Agencies, which represents and advises Members of Lloyd’s, acting for over 1,100 clients with underwriting capacity of more than £ 2 billion. Other parts of the group are Hampden Tax, which provides a tax consultancy service to high net worth individuals, Hampden Insurance Group, which owns and manages (re)insurance companies in run-off and Hampden Legal, which offers company secretarial and administration services. For more information on Hampden Group: www.hampden.co.uk



Hampden takes over the share of R+V Versicherungen (Germany) in the BVF pool.

Hampden becomes the legal representative in The Netherlands of the Japanese AIOI Insurance Company (part of Nissan) and takes over their Dutch portfolio.

Regarding the taken over portfolios of Delta Lloyd in 2015 Hampden now also handles the files with asbestos related claims that date from before 1975.


Hampden acquires specific liability, transport, and property portfolio's including US related risks from Delta Lloyd.


Hampden acquires N.V. Rotterdamse Assurantie Kas with a worldwide reinsurance portfolio.

Hampden acquires a part of a reinsurance portfolio and US liability of Delta Lloyd.

Hampden acquires the Dutch portfolio of Malayan Insurance Company (Hong Kong).


Hampden acquires a reinsurance portfolio of Centraal Beheer.

Hampden acquires N.V. Verzekering Maatschappij van 1890.

Hampden acquires Phoenix N.V.


Hampden acquires N.V. Schadeverzekering Maas Lloyd from ABNAMRO.


Hampden acquires Sampo Industrial Insurance N.V.


Verbond van Verzekeraars (Dutch Association of Insurers) www.verzekeraars.nl

Nederlandse Reassurantie Vereniging (Dutch Reinsurance Association) www.nrv-pagina.nl

Reinsurance Service Providers, AirSP www.airsp.org

Insurance & Reinsurance Legacy Association, IRLA  www.irla-international.com

Regulated Entities

The Netherlands:

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


United Kingdom:

Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)